1. What do I do if I am injured?

    Get appropriate medical care immediately. Note witnesses contact information, take scene photographs if
    you or someone can.

    Get a lawyer as soon as possible. Cases often need to be investigated quickly. Delay can cause the loss
    of evidence and critical information.

    2. Do I need an attorney?

    Nearly always, the answer is "YES" -  and nearly always, there are no up-front charges for legal services.

    3. How do I pay for legal services?

    Most lawsuits we handle are on a contingency fee basis, which usually means that you don't pay unless
    you are successful with your lawsuit.

    4. What if I am contacted by a "lawyer" an insurance company or an investigator?

    We recommend that you not discuss your injury or the way in which it happened with anyone until you
    have looked found an attorney on your own.

    Also, if you sign any papers or agree to any settlement before speaking with an attorney of your own
    choosing, this could affect your ability to recover full compensation for your injuries.

    5. Will my case go to trial?

    Many cases are settled before trial. You should participate in deciding what should happen with your
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