Consumers often assume that if an insurance premium is paid, then a proper claim under the policy of
insurance will be paid.  Especially in the area of disability and health insurance, there seems to be an endless
number of excuses the insurance company  gives for not providing benefits.  Examples of excuses may range
from a declaration that the requested treatment is not covered to a statement that it is experimental.

We handle claims involving life-threatening denials of healthcare benefits by insurance companies and wrongful
denials of disability claims.  Sometimes these cases can be very difficult to litigate in any meaningful way
because of the artificial limitations placed on the enforcement of benefit provisions.

If you have been injured or further injured as a result f the denial of a claim by an insurance company, give us a
call and we can help you weigh your options.   Our fee comes from the compensation, settlement, or award
we procure for you, so we do not receive a fee unless and until you are compensated.
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