Each year thousands of senior citizens are abused, neglected and exploited in nursing homes and
other elder care facilities.  Providers that fail to provide appropriate care and treatment are liable for
any resulting damages.  This includes all staff and professionals working for the care provider, and
the care provider itself, if it has not done due diligence in screening and training its employees.
Abuse and neglect claims include instances such as where a patient has developed bed sores or
has been inappropriately restrained.  Others are over-medicated, given insufficient food or water, have
their medical or hygienic needs neglected, or are physically, sexually, or emotionally abused.

Nursing home abuse can have a profound impact on weak or elderly people and can result in severe
health problems or death.  It is an agonizing decision to place an elderly relative in a nursing home,
but it is made with the idea that the individual will go to receive better care and attention in a
supervised facility than he or she could get at home. Therefore, when families come to realize some
of these abuses, they feel betrayed--and rightly so.  When you place a loved one in extended
nursing care, you have no choice but to assume that the care provider will at the very least maintain
the standard level of practice that is expected of such a facility.

It is hard for most people to believe that this problem is so widespread, but every single state has
now passed some form of elder abuse prevention laws for this very reason.

Knowing the warning signs of abuse is a first step toward protecting elderly friends or relatives.
Sometimes residents of care facilities may exhibit physical injuries from abuse, such as bruising,
or may show significant changes in their behavior or habits.

If you are a concerned relative or friend of an elderly person that you believe is suffering from nursing
home abuse or negligence, give us a call and we can help you weigh your options.  Our fee comes
from the compensation, settlement, or award we procure for you, so we do not receive a fee unless
and until you are compensated.
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