The development and advancement of pharmaceutical technology has saved millions of lives; but if a drug is
improperly tested, marketed or prescribed, it can cause grievous injury or death.

Despite the fact that a patient may specifically ask their doctor, medical staff or pharmacist to explain the side
effects of a prescribed medication, sometimes the medical personnel does not pay enough attention to the
dangers caused by side effects, or may have been misled by the drug manufacturer about the drug's
safety.Some drugs can even make your condition worse, or cause new injuries - even though they are
presented as "safe."

For example, some drugs prescribed for the stomach have been known to cause neurological problems in the
legs or arms; and some drugs prescribed for depression have been linked to the increased risk of suicidal

If you believe you have been harmed by an unsafe prescription or non-prescription drug, we can investigate the
likelihood of potential side-effects and your options for seeking compensation.
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