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An employee on a riverboat or riverboat casino may not be covered by
worker's compensation.  Injured riverboat and riverboat casino
employees are often covered under federal maritime law and/or the
Jones Act, a Congressional act designed to give special protection to
employees working on boats in navigable waters, including riverboat
casinos. This includes workers who are cooks, waitresses, card dealers
and floor workers in casinos; and workers on transport barges, tug boats
and other navigable waterway vessels.

A recovery under the Jones Act often gives more options for fair
compensation above and beyone what is allowed by the standard
workers' compensation laws in nearly every state.

Often a small degree of negligence by the riverboat owner, casino,
employer, or co-worker is all that is needed recover lost wages, lost
benefits, full personal injury compensation, pain and suffering, and
damages for continuing disability or impairment. And even if they are not
shown to be negligent, the Jones Act might require payment for medical
bills and lost wages to provide "maintenance and cure."

If Injured on a Casino Riverboat:

  • Get the name and full contact information of any witnesses
  • Seek quality medical treatment immediately
  • Seek legal advice right away - the deadline for claims may be limited


Similarly, injured railroad workers have special rules that apply to their
injuries under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) and other laws.

Pursuant to FELA, railroad workers not covered by regular workers’
compensation laws can sue companies for their injuries. FELA allows
payments for pain and suffering, which are determined juries, which
allows for greater recoveries than is often possible under workers'
compensation laws.

If you are injured on the job, get witnesses' information and seek medical
treatment first; and then legal advice right away.
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