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If you injured on the job, you are entitled to fair compensation for your
injuries.  Your employer is required by law to carry workers'
compensation insurance coverage and should give you a workers'
compensation claim form.  As an injured worker, you are entitled to
receive the necessary medical treatment including doctors visits,
physical therapy, prescriptions, medical supplies, etc.  If you are
permanently disabled, you are entitled to the compensation provided for
such under state law.  Finally, you should also be able to keep your
wages coming in while you are recovering from your disability.

Even though one would think there should be no problem applying for
and receiving workers' compensation for an accident that obviously
occurred at work, employers often try to deny such claims anyway by
pushing blame onto the employee or the injury itself onto a non-work
related incident.  Also, you should realize that it is the business of your
employer's insurance company to settle for the least amount possible
and thus they will often try by any means necessary to do so.  For
instance, they can claim you haven't been injured at all or that the injury
you've sustained isn't serious enough to qualify for workers'
compensation benefits.

However, even if you receive workers' compensation, you should be
aware that once you formally accept certain of these benefits you lose
the right to sue your employer for the injury pursuant to Tennessee
law.    Call us first to weigh your options.

Also, negligence does not have to lie directly with you employer, but
may in fact lay with a "third party," such as the manufacturer of unsafe
equipment, the owner of the property where the injury occurred, another
company whose employee caused the injury, contractors,
subcontractors, engineers, electricians, architects, insurance
companies, and so on.

Finally, we can try to help you keep your benefits coming throughout the
course of your rehabilitation and guide you through what can be a very
tricky process of dealing with insurance companies and doctors, as well
as the Tennessee workers' compensation legal system.

If you have been injured in any way on the job, give us a call so we can
help you weigh your options.   Our fee comes from the compensation,
settlement, or award we procure for you, so we do not receive a fee
unless and until you are compensated.
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